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Russian Icarus
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In the books of the unique series of the publishing house Strelbitsky Russian Historical Novel revive pages of history, from ancient times to our days. The writers who created in Russian never limited themselves to geographical or chronological frames, but, of course, the main themes of the creations that came from their pen - from the history of Russia, Russia. A vivid interest in these topics of the modern reader prompted the realization of such a large-scale project as the Russian Historical Novel. Russian Icarus is the novel of the famous writer of the historical genre Konstantin Petrovich Masalsky. The dream of finding wings has long worried the soul of a simple Russian peasant Emelyan Ivanov. Having decided at all costs to achieve his goal, he takes up the design of the wings, so that with their help to soar above the earth and carry out an old desire. The series Russian Historical Novel includes works by such Russian writers as E. Salias, N. Breshko-Breshkovsky, V. Bryusov, G. Danilevsky, I. Goncharov, I. Lukash, A. Veltman, M. Zagoskin, V. Aristov, A.S. Pushkin, N.V. Gogol, and many others. ?????

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