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Edition Peters Russian Operatic Arias - Baritone
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Instrumentation: Bar-Pf Editor: Fanning Format: Sheet Music Details: This landmark series opens up exciting vistasof challenging and rewarding repertoire for the discerning and adventurous singer. As with the Peters companion volumes of French Operatic Arias, this Russian series presents many of the justly celebrated arias, but alsojuxtaposes them with other less familiar gems, which undoutedly deserve wider recognition. Much of the selected repertoire is eminently suitable for audition purposes, so that each volume is a treasure trove for professional singers and students. Contents: Borodin–Prince Igor (Igor): No sleep, no rest; Glinka–Ruslan and Lyudmila (Ruslan): Perun, give me a sword; Mussorgsky–Boris Godunov (Boris): I have achieved the highest power; Mussorgsky–Khovanshchina (Shaklovity):The Strel´tsy nest is asleep; Rachmanin ov–Aleko (Aleko): The whole camp is asleep; Rimsky-Korsakov–Sadko (Venetian Merchant): City of Stone; Tchaikovsky–Eugene Onegin (Onegin): If ever I should wish; Rubenstein–The Demon (The Demon): Do not weep, child!; Tchaikovsky–The Enchantress (Prince): Y et the image of that comely one; Tchaikovsky–The Queen of Spades (Tomsky): Once in Versailles; (Yeletsky): I love you, love you beyond measure; Tchaikovsky–Iolanta (Robert): Who can compare with my Matilda?; Verstovsky–Askold´s Tomb (The Unknown): In olde n days

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Russians als Buch von Daniel Gregory Mason
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Russians:A Cycle of Songs for Baritone and Piano (Classic Reprint) Daniel Gregory Mason

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